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This type of social media marketing is extremely cost effective because it’s FREE!  You can post as many different updates on various social media channels to engage your target audience and drive them to your website.  While posting is important – it’s vital for social media success that content development and community management are paired with a targeted ad campaign if you seek to expand and develop a growing following, generate monthly sales conversions and measure your success along the way. 

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Social Media Advertising is insanely effective for a multitude of reasons. We have the ability to target your ideal customer, pre-qualify leads, track those who have engaged with your ad and re-target those leads. With a couple pieces of code installed on your website, we can also track your website visitors from external sources and re-target them on Facebook and Instagram. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to advertising ability on social media!

Social Media Community Management

A large part of our social media program revolves around Facebook and Instagram content development and community management. This part of the package includes:

7 Posts Per Week Using Curated & Original Content

Content Calendar Development & Management

Rapid Response Rates to Page Comments & Inquiries

Page Updates Upon Request

Are Your Social Media Efforts Profitable?

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram ads are powerful tools because they can be targeted to users based on a variety of demographics; including: location, interests, and job title to name a few. Chances are you’ve seen plenty of these and may feel as though someone is reading your mind when these ads just “magically” appear. These ads are not appearing by chance at all, and that’s why they are so powerful. The algorithm takes into account that people already have a general interest in your offer, now we need to raise awareness of your product or service.

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