Is your law office continually getting new clients on a regular basis? If not, you may want to consider reevaluating your marketing approach and how you go about finding new cases. When it comes to a law firm, more cases mean more money. And whether you are an independent attorney paying off student loans or the head of a firm that has to pay for junior associates, more money is always welcome.

With as much as lawyers have going on during their day, it’s likely that they won’t have time to put forth their own strategic marketing plan. Instead, this is better left to an online marketing team that will help with developing a marketing approach that will help the legal firm generate more clients and build a stronger reputation in the industry.

Because online marketing is such a valuable resource in today’s internet-driven world, there have been plenty of start-up companies that promise extensive results for their clients. However, in order to know what really works, here are some marketing tips that they should be sure to include in their approach.


You likely know how important it is to have a website. If you don’t, it’s time that you register a domain name for your law firm right now. The truth is that dedicated law office websites will act as the foundation of your online presence for your law firm. From this website, you’ll be able to draw in attention, add other resources, and increase your standing on Google search engines. All of these benefits contribute to the reason as to why law office advertising begins with a dedicated website.

When hiring an online marketing team, they will assist you with the creation of your website. On this website, you should have pages dedicated to:

  • Listing the services that your law firm provides.
  • Outlining your educational accomplishments and academic credentials.
  • Client forms and paperwork.
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Links to other resources and contact information.

If an online marketing team fails to tell you that these resources are invaluable for your law office marketing approach, then you may want to consider continuing your search. But if they are able to implement these markers on your dedicated homepage, you’ll certainly be able to attract more attention from potential clients.


Many lawyers have the common misperception that social media is only for teenagers or college students. However, that is certainly not the case. Social media has grown to become a common part of everyday life, and there are valuable ways to use it with marketing your
law office.

By using social media, law firms will be able to expand the potential clients that they can connect with on a regular basis. Not only does it make it easier for clients to find the law firm, but it affords the practice the opportunity to communicate with clients more easily as well. Whether it’s through direct messages or posts on newsfeeds, communicating with potential clients has never been easier for a law firm.


No matter how great of a lawyer you are, it’s unlikely that everything that is said about you is going to be held with positive regard. Instead, there are likely going to be a lot of negative information swirling around online about you and your firm.

When a prospective client sees negative feedback from previous clients, it can be very detrimental to your practice. Therefore, you need to do all that you can to ensure that these negative reviews are harder to find, while positive reviews are what prospective clients are more likely going to come across. Because you don’t have the online capabilities to do this for yourself, you can rely on an online marketing team to manage your reputation for you.In doing so, they will help to boost the amount of clients that you have, while also building the reputation that your firm has in the community.

There is no avoiding the need for marketing for your law firm. At the same time, there is also no denying the influence that the internet has when it comes to marketing. Therefore, it’s vital that your law firm uses online marketing as an approach to get new clients. But if your firm doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to building your own online plan, then consider these marketing tips for lawyers when looking for a company to work with. If you find a company that hits all the marks you are looking for, it’ll be much easier to feel comfortable moving forward and working with them.
Bring In New Clients Today With These Law Office Marketing Tips by Crawford and O’Brien