Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has come with surprises. Despite a slower overall economy, the demand for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is skyrocketing. Social distancing allows for ideal downtime and recovery periods, so many people who were waiting for the right time to undergo a procedure have chosen to move forward. Additionally, with video conference calls becoming the new normal, many of us have been brought face-to-face with the reality of, well, our faces. Before the pandemic, it was irregular to look at your reflection as often as we do now. These nonstop Zoom meetings have triggered a surge in interest in cosmetic surgery, as people seek ways of looking younger and fresher on screens. To benefit from this uptick, cosmetic practices need to make sure their marketing is working for them. Today, people don’t just buy products and services, they buy into brands and lifestyles. At VIVID, our goal is to help your practice create a brand strategy that builds meaningful connections with prospective patients and retains existing ones. In such a competitive world, it’s important to stay on top. Here are five general challenges that can hold clients back, but that we have the tools to solve.

  1. Create a Brand Vision

In order to be successful in a competitive market, your brand must fit the highest standards of your industry, but it also must stand out as unique. By creating a brand vision, you set a focus for the future, and you make sure that all your materials and communications reflect that vision. You highlight the best of what you offer and package that in a way that appeals to your target customer’s values, aesthetics, and tastes. VIVID will help you determine what that looks like both in concept and execution. We then work with you on an ongoing basis to stay up-to-date on your particular needs, as well as in the loop on the latest larger market trends.

  1. Avoid Low-Quality Branding

Everything from your logo, to your website, to your emails needs to reflect a certain aesthetic standard and level of professionalism. Your website and landing page designs, messages, and both verbal and visual content need to appropriately reflect your office’s level of perfection and expertise. With high-quality, engaging content, the VIVID team will make sure you are putting your best face forward and aligned with what your customers want.

  1. Convert Leads to Action

Once you’ve got your prospective customer’s attention, how do you convert that to action and actual business? Someone can read your email, view your social media presence, or visit your website, but you need to make sure you are providing concrete opportunities for that interest to carryover into inquiries, appointments and business. We help you be strategic about how you engage and then translate that into new customers and return loyalty.

Instagram for Cosmetic Surgeons
Instagram for Cosmetic Surgeons
  1. Harness Instagram and Facebook

Whether you like it or not, social media is the promotional channel of today’s world. We have the tools and experience necessary to help you create, manage, and maximize your social media accounts and website through campaigns and advertising. We will create a presence that reflects your brand, engages your base, and leads to business.

  1. Streamline Your Internal Office Operations

Beyond the Internet, your office is still the epicenter. Making sure your internal systems, customer experience, and staff norms are topnotch is the best way to ensure you are delivering a high-quality service. Unlike many public relations agencies, we offer an individualized consulting experience that gets to know you and your business, inside and out, to help make sure you are efficient and functioning at the highest level of professionalism.

It’s a strange time, and although there are many uncertainties in today’s world, maximizing your business and making sure you reach your growth goals should be a given. We are here to help you make that happen, and to help you be the best you can be!