Not every legal firm represents Fortune 500 companies and can command millions of dollars in retainer fees. However, when you consider the amount of small businesses that make up the economy, small business law firms are an equally as valuable part of society. Unfortunately, many of these smaller law firms have a difficult time when it comes to getting recognized as easily as larger practices due to restraints in finances that are dedicated to marketing budgets.

If you are a lawyer that operates your own firm, you’ll be happy to know that there are still plenty of resources to implement for marketing. Thanks to the internet, solo law firm marketing has never been more effective and cost efficient.

In order to keep up with the higher-priced practices, here are some marketing tips for small business law firms.


One of the problems that most small business law firms experience is that they have a difficult time when it comes to even getting noticed. Instead, larger firms have a bigger budget that they can dedicate to all of their marketing techniques. This makes them more recognizable when it comes to clients who need representation, which is why they get majority of the cases.

This is why small business law firms at least need to have their foot in the door if they hope to draw away clients from their competition. When it comes to marketing in today’s tech-driven world, law firms can get their foot in the door by at least having a website.

While having a website may take a bit of an investment and some time on your behalf, it’s certainly worth the effort. Without a website, your law practice won’t even be seen by potential clients.


For many small business law firms, networking with other local businesses in your area is a great way to get new clients. These small firms rely on one another as influential parts of local economies. But while this may be the traditional way of networking, lawyers who want to make the most out of their marketing methods need to consider a transition into social media.

By implementing social media into the marketing plan for you law firm, you’ll be able to communicate with other small businesses, individual clients, and the rest of your followers, directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Unlike mass mailers that are sent through the mail, advertising through social media is much more direct and effective. This sort of networking interaction on social media will also help to grow your overall online presence, which will help with being recognized through search engine queries from a site like Google.


It’s important to keep in mind that legal marketing firms aim to provide you with a long lasting approach for your practice. Therefore, what you put online today is something that will be there fore years to come.

While having this sort of establishment is great, it can also damage your online wherewithal if your information is not consistent online. For example, if you move your law firm to a different location, then you will be hindering your online presence with NAP errors.

NAP refers to the business’:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number

In order to get the most from your online marketing approach, it’s vital that your name, address, and phone number are all consistent. If they are not, there will be flaws when trying to match up results for search engines, which will make it harder for you to land clients.

You already have enough going against you when it comes to competing with the larger marketing budgets of bigger firms, so do yourself a favor and avoid any issues that might develop due to NAP inconsistency.


As a small business law firm, you have enough on your schedule to take care of. Even though that may be the case, it’s important that you do not disregard your marketing efforts altogether. Instead, consider hiring a marketing team that can help your law firm.

By hiring a marketing team for assistance, you’ll have expert insight and advice into the best practices that work for your firm. In addition, you’ll have a team that can manage your entire online presence, which will take the pressure off of you to maintain this.

Though marketing a solo law practice may be a bit more difficult, it’s certainly something that is still possible. With the tips here, even smaller business law firms can compete with larger practices with bigger budgets.

Marketing Tips For Small Business Law Firms by Crawford and O’Brien