Does your law firm have a marketing strategy set in place? If so, that’s great. However, now you may want to ask yourself whether or not your marketing strategy is getting you the amount of new clients that you hope to have each month. If not, then it might be time to reevaluate your efforts.

If you are going to do something, then you might as well do it right. After all, most lawyers value their time and know that they certainly wouldn’t want to have to go over the same evidence in a case more times than necessary.

This same thought process should be kept in mind when lawyers are looking at other parts of their practice as well. Notably, marketing and advertising is only worth doing if it is effective and beneficial. If it’s not, then your law firm is just running through the motions and failing to generate anything new with your marketing efforts.

One of the best ways for law firms to maximize their marketing strategy is to ensure that they have a heavy online presence and that clients can easily find them in search engines. Being search engine optimized just might be the difference between a successful legal firm, and one who is continually attempting to garner new clients with lackluster success.

To ensure that your law firm is SEO friendly and highly marketable, here are some things to keep in mind.


It’s not uncommon for lawyers to move their firm from one location to another. It’s possible that your old office was too big or too small, or maybe it was just located in an inconvenient location. Whatever the case may be, moving to a location is something that many lawyers experience. The problem is, moving to a new location may be damaging your SEO results online.

In order for your law firm SEO to be at its best, you need to strive to have consistency with the name of your firm, its address, and the phone number. This is commonly referred to as NAP consistency, and it can make or break a lawyer SEO marketing approach.

If your firm has recently made any changes, or you make a move in the future, be sure to consider NAP consistency and change it as necessary.


Your legal website needs to have interesting and unique content that will help you increase your rankings through SEO. With the help of a law firm SEO company, they will help you create a website that has SEO-rich content that will draw in new clients.

Along with content that is related to the legal services that your firm offers, another SEO strategy includes implementing a blog on your website. With a blog for your law firm, you will be able to keep connected with clients, answer frequently asked questions, and even get connected with clients on a more personal level. If you need help with getting your blog out there, then you can rely on you SEO team for help with marketing the law firm.


The internet is always changing. And while this provides for massive amounts of innovation and growth, it also means that legal firms need to plan for the future and changes that may occur. In order to do this, your website should be built on a strong and solid programing foundation that allows for future updates.

Not only will building a strong foundation for your website help in the future, but search engines also give preference to sites that are built with more reliable programing. If there are bugs or issues with your site that cause it to run slowly, then you’ll have a hard time making an impact in search engine queries. If you do your due diligence when finding help with SEO for law firms, you’ll be able to find a company that can help you build a strong website with the future in mind.


Once your website is in place, you’ll need to remain active if you truly want to get the best from SEO results. This includes updating your social media accounts, blogging on a regular basis, and managing your online reputation. The more that you do this, the more successful you will be with getting listed highly in search engines.

If you find it too difficult to manage your SEO on your own, then keep in mind that you can rely on a law firm SEO company for help. They specialize in online marketing, and they can help your law firm thrive.

Effective Marketing And SEO For Law Firms by Crawford and O’Brien