In the modern world with the ease of the Internet, marketing is simultaneously easier and more difficult that it’s ever been before. On the one hand, a click of a finger can send tens or even hundreds of tweets, articles, and ads across the Internet, but, on the other hand, marketing has become much more nuanced than it has been before as audiences can be more easily targeted.

You might then be wondering–since it’s so easy to reach wide audiences, what prevents people from flooding the Internet with repetitive, contentless posts? If all that matters is that people find your website eventually through search engine optimization (SEO), why is it so important to engineer perfect posts and articles? Crawford and O’Brien, a widely successful dental SEO company, explains why the quality of your content matters when it comes to Internet marketing.


First of all, as a dentist and as a business owner, you should always have something you want to say. Whether it’s in the form of an informative article (perhaps you want to tell your patients how to properly floss their teeth) or a persuasive message (maybe you have reasons why a certain brand of toothpaste is better), your marketing should always contain topics that you actually want to convey to readers. After all, it’s your goal as a dentist for your patients to be as happy as possible, so it makes sense that you always have ideas for how they could improve their oral health even more.


But not only do you want your readers to know things, your audience wants that information as well. The average Internet user is usually smart enough to figure out whether an article has meaningful content or just fluffy prose at a glance, so improving the quality of your content can mean more people actually read through your articles and posts.


If your readers are searching for the information, they’ll want to get it in some form of another, so if your articles don’t satisfy their needs, they’ll likely begin looking elsewhere. Thus, a poorly written article not only doesn’t attract patients to your practice, but it could end up benefitting your competitors instead, which is never good for a business owner.


Perhaps more importantly, not only can your readers tell if your articles are worth reading, search engines like Google can as well. Google is constantly improving its technology to reject articles and deprioritize websites that simply repeat keywords over and over again, so a halfhearted attempt at Internet marketing could even backfire to create a worse situation. Taking the time to include meaningful content can vastly improve your SEO rankings and help patients find your practice.

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