Why Plastic Surgeons Need to Care about Online Advertising

When it comes to attracting new patients, word of mouth and a simple yellow pages ad used to be enough. These days, the phonebook has become obsolete and you can’t keep your doors open with referrals alone.

That’s where online advertising comes in. Internet advertising companies for plastic surgeons, like Crawford & O’Brien, can help put your practice at the forefront. Since caring for your patients is your number one priority, you don’t have the time necessary to dedicate to online advertising, but we do.

What does online advertising include?

Online advertising can encompass several different areas. These include:

  •         Website design
  •         Social Media advertising and maintenance
  •         Content Marketing
  •         SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the most important areas of online advertising because that’s what helps to get you noticed by search engines. When you’re looking for SEO companies for plastic surgeons, you want to choose one that is familiar with the field and knows what types of keywords and subjects people interested in your practice would search. When SEO is done right, people will be drawn to your website and are more likely to call you over the competition.

Internet advertising companies for plastic surgeons can also generate emails to patients who have come in for a consultation, but have still not booked their procedure. They will work to get those patients to return to your office.

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