In a world where testimonials, before and afters, and engagement are fueling consumer decisions more than ever before – it’s no wonder why Instagram has become the most effective platform for sourcing new patients as a cosmetic surgeon.

Tip #1 

Pair Your Organic Efforts With Paid Campaigns

(And Don’t Forget the Pixel)

Facebook has owned Instagram since 2012.  This completely changed the game when the Facebook Advertising Platform created the ability to run paid ads on Instagram and use the pixel to collect consumer data, retarget audiences and create similar audiences based on those who have engaged with your campaigns.  While posting to Instagram is fine for organic reach, it simply doesn’t allow you to reach your true potential on social media.

When I see Instagram accounts with thousands of followers only to determine that there is no pixel code placed on the website, it actually pains me.  I feel that similar pain when I see accounts running promotions on their page simply by posting offers – which is a good start, but really tough to measure and retarget.  

By placing a pixel on your website and using a combination of paid and organic campaigns – you can easily reach hundreds of thousands of potential patients, automatically run ads to people who have visited your website and run multiple ads to the same person with retargeting, which allows you to not only build trust with your audience, but also get in front of patients that you would never normally be able to access with any other type of marketing.  And – this way you can accurately measure the success of each campaign, thereby knowing your precise ROI and what specific strategies work best for your practice.

advertising marketing meeting

advertising marketing meeting

Tip #2

Produce High Quality Content and Take Time To Engage With Your Followers

(Or Hire Someone To)

RealSelf used to be the best way to feature your work and respond to potential patient questions in a niched online community.  Now – Instagram is quickly becoming the new RealSelf, but less expensive and with more targeting abilities. This month, one of our new clients has already booked 3 surgeries from Instagram simply by engaging with followers, responding to their questions and posting high quality content that entices people to inquire about specific procedures – like informative videos and branded before and afters (not by posting graphics with promos or discounts).

People LOVE when they get the talk to the doctor via social (even if we are managing that communication for the most part), it’s incredibly meaningful to the patient that we are taking the time to respond to their questions and creates a stellar experience from the get-go.

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Tip #3

Find Accounts With Similar Ideal Audiences – Follow Their Followers

One of the fastest ways to start generating ideal patient leads is to figure out where your ideal patients hang out on Instagram and then engage with them.  We use specific growth tools to select our clients’ top 10 ideal customer account targets that have a large following, and then automate the engagement process with a software that does the heavy lifting for us.  

There are a few options out there that use a similar software – however it is SUPER important to be mindful when you use a tool like this and never ever ever buy followers on Instagram – it’s a waste of money and puts your account at risk for getting shut down.  Whoever manages your Instagram account can also do this manually, but it is far more time consuming where time would be better spent creating content.

How effective is your Instagram strategy?  Contact us to get a free audit and to learn exactly how we’re getting our clients new patients using Instagram.