Should I post on social media? What exactly should I post? Will I appear tone-deaf if I post an offer on Instagram and Facebook? Our inboxes are being flooded with questions like this from our clients and that’s why we decided to provide you with a list of general tips and guidelines to follow when posting on social media during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

  • Use Instagram Stories and video as much as possible 
  • Feature personal messages from the doctor with pertinent updates, wishing everyone well, etc.
  • Provide your audience with regular updates and information about what’s happening with your practice
  • Offer virtual consults
  • Do not ignore the situation-at-hand
  • Do not politize your posts – save this for Fox and CNN
  • Break out the before and after images to shine a spotlight on your work
  • Explore new hashtags (if you’re not using them already start now and reach out if you need guidance)
  • Be consistent with your posts 
  • Feature other doctors and nurses who are hard-at-work saving lives 
  • Create content around staff appreciation
  • Share what #quarantinelife looks like for you
  • Go LIVE! 
  • Share encouraging stories, positive quotes, inspirational ideas 
  • ENGAGE with your followers! 

Above all else, be yourself and embrace your followers. We are living in a world where people crave genuine connections more than ever. Valuable content will not only attract ideal patients down the road, but also may be the little bit of inspiration people need to get through difficult times.