Truth be told, Facebook Messenger Campaigns are one of the most underutilized lead generation tools amongst service-based businesses promoting high ticket aesthetic procedures like plastic surgeons, dentists and medical spas.  In fact, chat bots are so powerful, we’re getting clients $10 leads for procedures ranging from $10K – $50K.

Why are Facebook Messenger Campaigns so effective for lead generation?

1. Advanced Lead Qualification

Prequalify Leads in a Way That Traditional Methods Cannot.  Bots are able to ask questions and create conditions within the conversation pertaining to the lead’s stance on a qualifying question + then allow us to effectively take action.

Here’s an Example: Rhinoplasty Ad

FB Messenger Bot: Hi. Jessica!  Are you seeking to have this procedure done in the next 3 months, 6 months, 1+ year

Jessica3 months

FB Messenger BotExcellent – let’s get you set up with a free consult with the do so he can walk you through the procedure and cover any questions that you have.  What’s the best number to reach you?

Had Jessica said 1+ year – then the bot would have provided an entirely different response, and placed that lead into a different category, allowing her to be re-marketed to down the road.

2. INSANE Open Rates

Open Rates in Messenger = Up to 90%
Versus Email Open Rates = 30%

If you’ve ever received a message on Facebook, you know just how hard it is to ignore that little red notification symbol.

Social media apps have programmed us to become addicted to check our accounts frequently, ESPECIALLY when there’s a little red notification reminding us that we may be missing out on something.  Pair this with providing your target audience with high quality content and you’ve got yourself a highly effective lead generation tool.

This technique reduces the time your office staff spends qualifying leads so they can focus on the patients in front of them.

3.  Grow Your Email List Simultaneously

Triple Threat Strategy

The most impactful messenger campaigns will provide access to high quality content, pre-qualify leads AND collect their email address + phone number.  What’s so AMAZING about this approach is that you can grow your list of messenger subscribers AND simultaneously grow your email list.  Better yet – once you’ve got a hefty list going – you can upload the list to Facebook and create a similar audience based on the traits of the original list.

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