Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. It’s about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently every time someone comes into contact with your brand whether it’s the way you answer the phone, how your website functions, your customer service process, or how your services’ end-results are presented.⠀

It’s how you make your customers feel about themselves and their decisions when they are interacting with your brand. It’s why you shop at store A vs. store B even if the price or product might not be that much different.⠀

A well-crafted brand inspires intrigue, trust, and legitimacy with your current and prospective patients, clients and customers.

Branding & Advertising Strategies

Why Does Your Brand Need To Connect To Your Audience?

By presenting a brand image that truly represents the heart of your business to your potential clients in each interaction, you can build brand awareness, brand authority, and customer trust and loyalty. There are several reasons why it’s so important to ensure your brand connects with your target audience. A well thought out and properly designed brand can:

  • Increase Brand Engagement – Engagement is king in today’s world of social media. Posts that benefit from high engagement will win in the algorithm every time, which means they will be made visible to a larger audience. It’s not enough just to post, you must ensure that each post features high-quality images or video, well-written copy, and is consistent with the image you’ve developed for your brand. 
  • Help You Stand Out From the Competition – Setting yourself apart in a sea of competition is no easy task. Creating a brand personality that your potential clients can relate to will help you gain and maintain brand loyalty and stand out from your competition. 
  • Generate Referrals – People love to share their experiences with businesses they connect with. A strong consistent brand presence that represents your company to your customers online and offline is essential to your company’s success. 

A Successful Brand Is…

  • Beautifully and Professionally Designed – How else are you going to catch customers’ eyes if your brand doesn’t look great? But, make no mistake, your brand isn’t your logo. Your brand is the combination of graphic elements, your brand voice, your website, your social presence, etc. You should think about how you want all of these elements to represent your company and your mission, and how you want your potential customers to perceive you. Your brand image should be the center of every aspect of your marketing.
  • Well-Researched – Developing a brand that connects with your potential customers is a surefire way to increase the success of your marketing campaigns, but only if you truly understand who you’re creating campaigns for. Take the time to develop a thorough ideal customer avatar. What are your customers’ needs, wants, and values? 
  • Consistent Across All Platforms – Consistency is a vital component of a successful brand because it helps develop brand loyalty and ignites customer connection. Before you upload a blog, Facebook or Instagram post, or send out an email, stop and ask yourself if it aligns with your message, your practice’s voice, and your brand style guide.
Branding & Advertising Strategies

You’ve Developed Your Brand. Now What?

Start connecting! Today’s digital marketing world offers a plethora of ways to engage and interact with your potential clients. 

  • Email Newsletters – Newsletters are a brilliant way to keep your current and potential customers up to date with what’s going on. We regularly suggest our clients send emails regularly. The more engaging this content is, the more likely you’ll get clicks onto your site and phone calls for booked appointments.
  • Blogs – Ideally, you should also have a blog on your website as this is another great way to offer advice, the latest news on your company, and more. It’s also a great way to place yourself as an industry thought leader. 
  • Social Media – Facebook and Instagram are brilliant platforms for connecting to your target audience as these platforms are very visual and allow people to comment and share. Make sure you reply to comments as this will give you a bump in the algorithm.
  • SEO – Without good SEO practices, no one will discover your website through Google searches. Make sure your site is optimized for the relevant keywords so your target audience can actually find it.

While it’s true that branding has been around for a long time, many firms and companies are just starting to understand the importance of their own brand. Your brand is the face of your company out in the world and it will be what consumers interact and engage with on a daily basis. 

Having a top-notch brand image has never been as important as it is today because there are multiple ways your target audience will be able to interact with your brand. Potential clients will be able to engage with it on social media, browse your website, open email marketing campaigns from your business in their inboxes, and even interact in their Facebook Messenger accounts. 

If you’re ready to take the next step with your branding, reach out to the experienced team at Crawford & O’Brien at 720-594-6968 or send us a message online.