While there are many different options for marketing your business online, if you’re a business to business company, YouTube ads are an option that should definitely be on your list. While you may think that advertising on Facebook and through other standard pay per click methods is enough, taking advantage of YouTube advertising can really give your company a business boost. With more than 1.9 billion users every month, YouTube is a resource that you should be using as much as you can.

You Tube Ads

Why YouTube Ads?

There are numerous benefits to adding YouTube ads to your digital marketing strategy including targeting, customization options, measurability, and affordability. However, perhaps one of the most important benefits is actually the simplest. Say it with me now…REACH. YouTube is actually the second most popular search engine, after Google. We think this is reason enough to start using YouTube ads.

What are you going to do with all that reach? An important step of any truly effective marketing effort is trust-building. YouTube offers a great place to start that process. As a video-only platform, YouTube is the perfect place to build a value-based content strategy that will raise your authority in your industry, let your potential clients get to know you and help them see why they should choose you over a competitor. 

YouTube ads are a great tool for lead generation because the platform offers businesses a variety of ad formats including display ads, overlay ads, skippable ads, non-skippable, and more.

“One of the biggest problems with any lead generation advertising online is lead quality. When you have a high-ticket offer it’s an even bigger problem because you need to make sure the right people are coming in through your ads. YouTube is the perfect solution here because not only can you find your relevant audience extremely effectively and cheaply, but you have the space of your video creative to qualify (and sell them) even further,” said our friend Matt Johnson, founder of Guide Social, a YouTube focused agency.  

You Tube Ads Agency

Best Practices for Making YouTube Ads Work for My Company

There are a few best practices to keep in mind when preparing to use YouTube to market your business. 

Follow the Rules

There are, of course, technical requirements for each type of YouTube ad that must be followed. Make sure your ads are properly sized, formatted, etc. Aside from those technical requirements, YouTube has a list of rules and regulations specifying what types of content they allow on the platform. Get familiar with these rules and regulations BEFORE you start!  

Create Relevant, Engaging Content With a Compelling Call-To-Action 

Take the time to plan out your video content strategy. Use this opportunity to tell your brand story, create videos that provide value to your potential clients and help set your business apart from competitors. You can use the TrueView for Action optimization to add a headline and call-to-action (CTA) button to your In-Stream ads to help with lead generation and conversions. 

Optimize Your Video Content for Search

This is an important step! Optimizing your content for search will allow people to find it again if they click off of your ad, but want to come back to it later. Keep titles simple, to-the-point and relevant to user’s search terms. Also, remember to select thumbnails that highlight the essence of your video and are eye-catching. This should help improve your Click Through Rate (CTR).
If you’re looking to make YouTube ads work for your company, let the experienced team at Crawford & O’Brien help. We can craft compelling YouTube ads that will attract new customers while keeping the needs of your current customers in mind. Call us today at 720-594-6968 or send us a message online to get started.