Over a billion viewers consume even a larger amount of videos on YouTube and other video platforms daily. It is evident that videos are a vital marketing tool for businesses. Videos can significantly improve a potential patient’s awareness of your practice, leading them to decide tomato an appointment. 

Making the perfect video that leads to conversions is no simple task. It requires strategizing, competitor research, and more. This guide will look at how you can effectively use video to promote your practice as a plastic surgeon. 

Plan Create a Strategy for Your Videos

Planning is an essential aspect of video marketing. Without a plan, your videos may be too narrow, too broad, or off-target. There are many aspects of plastic surgery to cover as you create a video marketing strategy. As with all marketing strategies, it’s your goal to reach as many of your target audience as possible and make as much impact as you can. 

Therefore, as you plan, make sure you have your ideal patient avatar dialed in and you’re creating content specifically with that audience in mind. Particular questions must be answered to know you have strategically planned for your video. Some include:

  • What does this video aim to achieve?
  • What aspect/procedure of my practice do I want to cover?
  • What specific type of patient am I trying to reach? 
  • How would this video effectively reach them?
  • What type of client-behavior is this video trying to build? Trust? Integrity? Loyalty?

Answering these questions will help make your video-creating process easier. With strategic planning and creativity, your video will achieve the intended effect. 

Promote Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Stay Consistent With Branding

If you’re just starting your plastic surgery practice (or even if you’ve been practicing for years), you must understand the importance of branding. Branding communicates to your patients that you are reliable, trustworthy, engaging, patient-centric, etc. It is usually one of the first things a prospective patient will notice about your business. Your branding should speak about your values even before you introduce your services. 

Furthermore, your branding helps you stand you out from the many other practices out there. This is why you need to be consistent. It is all a part of the visuals and what the patient sees. In your videos, maintain the same style, color, and fonts you already have existing in your marketing materials. From your social media posts, email campaigns, etc., carry over your style to your video as well. Maintain quality always. 

Align Your Content With the Channel of Distribution 

With the overkill of content platforms we now have on the internet, it is easy for content to get lost or shared with the wrong audience on the wrong platform. Your content must be relevant to the channel you’re sharing it on. You cannot post serious explainer videos on TikTok and expect to target older individuals. Also, long and tedious procedure videos may not be ideal on Instagram. A YouTube channel may be more suitable for longer videos, while short and exciting videos may do well on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Understand how the various social networking platforms work and make your content appropriate for whichever platform you decide to go for. 

Get Your Viewers Hooked in the First 10 Seconds

There are just so many things to see on the internet these days. New social media platforms come up too often with even more engaging and informative content. So why should anybody spend time viewing boring content? If your video is uninteresting, know that the viewer will skip it for something worth their time. 

Create exciting video content that will keep your viewers hooked in the first 1o seconds. If you’re not sure how to do this, hire a professional. Don’t be the brand that leaves viewers wondering, “What exactly am I watching?”. Hire a creative professional to help you craft a video that will be captivating, not just in the first 10 seconds but also for its entire length. Finish it with a great call to action that seals the deal. Don’t leave anything to chance. Be strategic.

Video Marketing for a Plastic Surgery Practice

Switch Things Up

Nothing kills a business faster than monotony. Diversify your videos. Different types of videos captivate different categories of audiences. Break down the services your practice offers and build a fictional persona based on these services. Anticipate the type of patient your service will cater to and create videos that relate to them. Research the specific needs these fictional personas may have and create videos to provide a solution  for their needs. 

A few types of videos that can boost your plastic surgery practice include how-tos, quick tips, advantages and disadvantages, interviews, testimonials, explainer videos, quick glance of the operating or treatment room, etc. Be sure to use the right platform to disseminate these specific types of video. 

Maintain a Video Posting Schedule

Videos take a lot of time to produce, especially high-quality ones. Creating a posting schedule helps with consistency because it gives you enough time to plan and prepare. It also helps your audience anticipate a new release, especially if you make great content. You can also create a lot of buzz on your social media about your new videos before and after posting to generate more views.

Make a Dedicated Budget 

Frequently creating videos for your plastic surgery practice can take a toll on your budget. You must create a budget for content creation that includes necessities, including hiring a professional (if need be), good lighting, etc. 
Creating videos to promote your plastic surgery practice can be a lot of work, but with the above tips, you should get a firm grip on it quickly. If you need professional help, do not hesitate to hire one so that your video will be worth the time and effort spent as it starts to yield conversions. Also, having a dedicated team member or two for capturing video content can help to smooth out the process from the start. If you are ready to get to work on your marketing strategy, contact the VIVID Collective team via email, kate@vividcollective.io or give us a call, (720)-307-7494.