The Most Common Mistakes Plastic Surgeons Are Making Online

Are you wondering why your plastic surgery business is at a standstill? Plastic surgeons can oftentimes benefit from a more polished marketing strategy and the mistakes from practice to practice are similar, and quite common. When these common marketing mistakes are addressed, marketing strategies begin to bring results.  Here are the most common mistakes we see and why they matter. 

Using Boosted Posts/Promotions Instead of a Full Facebook Ads Strategy

When considering whether promotions or ads will work best to promote your plastic surgery procedures it is important to remember that these two advertising options serve similar but different purposes and offer different features that will affect the success of your marketing efforts. Facebook is best used to implement an ads strategy as opposed to promoting or “boosting” a post, especially when looking for conversion and sales in your plastic surgery practice.

Boosting a post will allow you to increase the reach of a post of your choice in your audience’s timeline. You will get to set some minimal parameters including:

  • Who you would like to reach. This will allow you to set your target audience in order to create connections with the people you truly want to connect with.
  • Choose your budget. Your budget has to always be considered, and when running promotions you must decide how much you would like to spend over the course of your entire campaign. 
  • How long do you want your promotion to last? You will set the duration, and as soon as you hit boost, your promotion will go live (as long as your post meets Facebook’s Terms and Conditions).
  • Boosting a post can help get you likes, shares and comments but usually no conversions..
Plastic Surgeon Online Adverting Mistakes

When implementing a Facebook ads strategy, the ads are created through Facebook’s Ad Manager platform and are incredibly customizable in comparison to basic boosted posts. Ads created via Ads Manager offer parameters to help you reach your objective, as well as the audience that matters most. Here’s what to consider:

  • Do you want your ad to show on Instagram? Facebook mobile? The desktop news feed? Are messenger ads a good option for reaching your audience? What about Instagram stories? 
  • Setting an objective will help to hone in on the campaign type that will work best for your company. Facebook Ad Manager has options for several types of campaign goals including traffic, conversion, and lead generation.  
  • Ads created via Facebook Ads Manager give more options stylistically including single image and single video as well as a carousel of images or videos. 
  • Carefully consider age, interests, and gender when setting targeting parameters.
  • Ads Manager should always be used for more advanced campaigns and funnel set ups. 

Not Installing the Facebook Pixel on Their Website

Using the Facebook Pixel can help your campaigns and ads run more smoothly and effectively. Ads like many things are something you want to run like a well oiled machine. When money is invested, it is important that it is well spent. The Facebook Pixel offers analytic tools to help you understand the actions people are taking on your website and will allow you to better target your campaigns. The Facebook Pixel can help ensure your ads are reaching the right people, can help drive sales, and can help to measure the results of ads. The Facebook Pixel also allows you to to create customized audiences based on the actions taken across your site and/or landing pages. 

Plastic Surgery Online Adverting Mistakes

Selling Surgery vs a Brand Experience

This is actually quite a common mistake. Your patients understand they will be getting an invasive or non-invasive procedure but the selling point is not the surgery itself, instead it is the experience and the problem the procedure solves. Before and after photos help to display incredible results; while highlighting the in-office experience will help patients feel at home even when they haven’t quite arrived. 

The patient’s in-office experience is invaluable, and should be highlighted. Not only is it important to share testimonials, it is important to highlight what makes your practice unique. Quality service is something valuable customers are looking for, this is where you get to show and tell. 

Not Using Video

Video is king. Our society is fast-paced and driven by instant gratification. Video allows a human experience and allows potential patients to get to know your surgeons, staff, and other similar patients without even setting foot in the office. Video can help a potential patient determine if your practice is a suitable fit, ultimately building consumer trust, and brand awareness. 

More specifically video can help with conversion rates, and a properly optimized video can help with rankings on Google. Video can be used across many channels of marketing and can diversify your marketing strategy. 

Heavily Discounting Prices to Get People in the Door

It’s a fact, heavily discounted rates can destroy credibility. Discounted rates are not a strategy for attracting ideal clients, and can be perceived as desperation if not carefully implemented. Building a luxury brand also means building luxury clientele where no discounts are sought after or expected. Your fees match your skillset, do not short change your business in either department. If you are ready to start or revamp your branding and marketing strategy, contact the VIVID Collective team via email, or give us a call, (720)-307-7494.