Think Facebook Advertising is Ineffective? Think Again.

It’s safe to say that Facebook spent a lot of time in the news last year, and most of the coverage was negative, but what does that really mean for the social media giant? Facebook has been making some significant changes in the latter part of 2018 focusing on meaningful interactions, and its impact is far from over.

Highest Digital Ad ROI

Facebook continues to offer the highest digital ad ROI of any of the social media platforms, and 98% of the B2C businesses surveyed in Hootsuite’s 2018 Global Barometer Report use Facebook, which makes it a must-have digital presence for any business looking to target consumers, including plastic surgeons and medical spas.  

You may be asking yourself how you can effectively harness the power of Facebook advertising, resulting in additional patient leads being generated for your office. Facebook is still being under-utilized from a digital ad perspective, and the opportunity is massive, but you have to know how to reach your intended audience AND how to catch their attention. In short, in order to run compelling Facebook ads, you will need more than just eye-catching content.

Engage With The Right Audience

Facebook ad success is as much about distribution as it is content.  Organic reach in Facebook’s news feed is on the decline for many and businesses are turning to Facebook ads as a way to generate leads and boost the performance of their content. With an audience of 1.47 billion worldwide users logging in daily and an American audience of 210 million users, the opportunity on Facebook is substantial.

So, given the potential market available, how do you get your content in front of the right people? Not only that, how do you stay top of mind in an over-inundated news feed?

Power of the facebook pixel

The Power of the Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website, but it does require some technical know-how, but the data it provides is worth it. You can use pixel data to:

Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people

Build targeted audiences

Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools

The Facebook pixel has two main functions: creating custom audiences for retargeting, and custom conversions (or “events”). Additionally, the pixel doesn’t just report user behavior relating to your Facebook campaigns — it actually shares data about everyone who comes to your website, making it an impressive marketing tool for audience building, targeting and retargeting.

Facebook Schema

Schema What?

Facebook rolled out another advertising tracking tool mid-2018, called schema or microdata. Essentially it sends more data back to Facebook on individuals, specifically what users are searching for, what websites they’ve visited and what their interests are. Schema also tells Facebook what your landing pages are about so that the algorithm can ensure the right people are seeing your ads. To put it simply, Schema is structured information and essentially allows Facebook to gain more data regarding specific details of users who visit your website, what they are specifically looking at, and the website’s performance.

For example, with Schema, if I am on a competitors website looking at specific procedures and you are running ads for your procedures, Facebook will now know to show your ads to me, making me a very hot prospect.

Facebook can now use this microdata to get you better results for your campaigns, but only if you’re using it correctly.

Get In Front Of Your Target Audience
Another targeting opportunity is utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences, this allows you to customize your targeted audience by geographics, demographics, psychographics and/or behavioral traits. Facebook has become a data machine, enabling advertisers to reach a very specific audience which increases ad effectiveness and conversion rates. In addition, you can run various testing campaigns to multiple custom audiences to determine the right offer for a select group of people.

Lead Conversions

When Your Audience Doesn’t Convert

Many times when people choose not to convert (especially in lead gen situations), it’s usually due to the offer and that the price point is perceived as too high or the benefits of the procedure weren’t understood. When this happens, you can use your retargeting campaigns to not only drive more conversions but also as a research tool. This will help you to learn whether or not you should change your initial offer on your landing page to something that will resonate more with your targeted audience.

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