Plastic surgery is a visual business. While you can talk about procedures all day long, potential patients want to see how the procedures work and how they can benefit. Although pictures can give people a good idea, videos can have a greater impact for several reasons. Videos are particularly effective for plastic surgeons because they are high resolution, more engaging and allow people to see and hear about the transformation others have undergone. 

If you’re a plastic surgeon looking to bring in new patients, you’ll want to showcase your work in any way you can to connect with potential patients. There are several tools currently on the market that can help plastic surgeons show off their work and build public trust. Let’s take a look at three popular tools and how they can work for plastic surgeons.



Think of IGTV as Instagram videos turned up a few hundred notches. While you can upload short videos directly to your Instagram profile, IGTV features longer, stand-alone videos. IGTV videos can vary in length anywhere from a few minutes to an entire hour and currently contain no commercial interruptions. IGTV is built for vertical, full-screen mobile experiences and starts playing as soon as you open the app. 

This is a great tool for posting videos of before and after procedures, interviews with patients, procedure explanations, and question and answer sessions. Studies have recently shown that more millennials are opting for plastic surgery procedures, which makes IGTV particularly useful for reaching out to new followers as millennials are more likely to be active on Instagram. What better way to attract them than through an IGTV video?


It seems that everyone is going “live” these days with videos through Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Live and Instagram Live are also tools plastic surgeons can use to draw in new patients and connect with them. By simply using your business account on either platform, you can connect with followers and potential clients in real-time. This experience can help people build trust with your practice and see the doctor as a “real” person. 

Going Live is also a great way to explain procedures to potential patients and answer questions in real-time. Because the video is live, people can comment and ask questions. This back-and-forth can help connect plastic surgeons to current and prospective patients. Just make sure your video is engaging enough to hold your followers’ attention. Live videos are only effective if people are watching them.

Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories is another way plastic surgeons can connect to new patients. It works similarly to Snapchat in that the videos and pictures posted can only be viewed for 24 hours. These in-th-moment posts are a great way to showcase your practice’s personality. You can also choose a snippet of your Story to post on your profile so it will appear on your feed. And, if you’re making some really great content you want to stick around, you can save it as a Highlight that people can view any time. Having categories for your Highlights and saving content there regularly can also help potential patients who may be researching plastic surgeons.

Rember to add a hashtag to your Story so that the algorithm can index it properly and your post will appear in the Explore tab. Instagram Stories is an excellent tool for plastic surgeons because it allows you to tell the story behind a post. These Story posts can give more information and build more authenticity in your posts. Once a bond and trust are formed, people will be more likely to go with you over someone they don’t know anything about. If you’ve transitioned your account over to a business profile, you also have access to some basic analytics for each post and story. 

If you’re looking to expand your social media reach and attract new patients, let the experienced team at Crawford & O’Brien help by creating video and live content for your plastic surgery practice. We can help you decide which method will get the most views and attract the most potential patients. Call us today at 720-594-6968 or send us a message online to get started.